We’re Moving!

Tri City Glass and Door will be moving this fall of 2018. To better serve our customers we will be merging our two Appleton locations to our newly renovated store at 2801 N Roemer Rd in Appleton.

2017 Spring Storm Door Sale

Get ready for warmer weather with Tri City Glass & Door’s spring storm door sale. Take 15% off any Larson or Pella storm door plus get an additional mail-in rebate. A warm welcome starts with a beautiful storm door! Our storm doors are available in full view, partial view, or retractable screen away. Tri City Glass & Door’s attractive selection of storm doors are designed to complement the entrance to your home giving you more ways to let light in and keep the weather out. We offer several design and color options to suit your needs. Stop in our contact us at any of our 3 locations in Appleton and Green Bay for details. The Pella sale starts April 14th and ends on May 31st, and the Larson sale starts April 15th and ends on June 7th.

Try City Glass & Door New Website

Welcome to our new website! We are very excited to share this with you and give you information and knowledge on our products, services and share newsworthy posts with you.

Our first blog post is going to be about condensation, what causes condensation, and how to remove it. Because of the harsh winters Wisconsin has many people will have questions about this.

Condensation is the result of excess humidity (water vapor). Glass provides a cold surface in the winter months on which humidity can visibly condense. Condensation occurs in climates where the average temperature is 35 degrees or colder since there will be greater extremes between indoor and outdoor temperatures.

Condensation is caused by many variables. Some of these variables include airtight sealing of your home, high humidity and added invisible water vapor. There are a lot of ways that invisible water vapor can be added to your home. These include normal perspiration and breathing, new building material in your home, washing clothes, cooking, mopping, humidifiers, plants, showering, washing dishes, dishwashing, and heating systems.

Condensation can be removed by:

  • Reducing humidity
  • Increasing ventilation with regular use of both fans and/or opening windows
  • Keeping basements dry by using a dehumidifier
  • Keeping vents, gas burners, and clothes dryers to the outside
  • Eliminating water vapor sources by opening the bathroom windows after a shower and opening windows for 10 minutes, 4 times per day to allow wet air to escape
  • Use an interior storm window to help reduce air movement in and out of your existing windows and help reduce condensation and frost

Tri City Glass & Door sells interior storm windows that will help with your condensation and frost problems. Stop in at one of our locations to learn more today!

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The Hartmann House

Tri City Glass & Door had the pleasure of working on this modern 6,009 square foot, five bedroom, two story home built by C & C Custom Builders. The Hartmann home utilized floor to ceiling aluminum framed Tubelite windows and Wausau aluminum patio doors, allowing gorgeous views of the Fox River in DePere. A fireman’s pole created unique and fun access from the second level directly to the family locker room. To gain access to the fireman’s pole, a custom round, steel railing and gate was provided. Inviting cable rail was installed at the first and second floor balconies to welcome riverfront views. Additionally, cable rail was installed at the lot line from the house to the river. The front staircase boasts glass panels with a custom steel railing system on floating wood treads that seamlessly transition to the second level. Two entrances to the spacious office/library feature five foot by nine foot doors fabricated with half-inch gray tempered glass surrounded by steel frames. One entrance is a pivoting door while the other entrance is a top-hung pocket door. For three of the house’s bathrooms: the master, the Jack and Jill and an additional, Tri City supplied custom heavy glass shower doors with UV adhesive. Custom mirrors with holes specifically designed for light fixtures were also provided. The Hartmann house was a very unique project where commercial and residential products were both utilized.