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Aquapel Glass Treatment & Windshield Wipers

Putting your safety first with Aquapel glass treatment and windshield wiper replacement.

See clearly and drive safer with our Aquapel glass treatment.

Aquapel is a long-lasting glass treatment designed for professional application on windshields, side windows, rear windows, glass shower doors or any other glass surface. Tri City Glass & Door technicians can apply Aquapel to your—or your young driver’s—windows to improve visibility and response time, making your commute safer.

Aquapel is designed to:

  • Repel rain for improved visibility
  • Make ice, snow and even dirt removal easier
  • Reduce glare in the rain
  • Improve nighttime visibility by reducing glare from lights
  • Help reduce water marks

Professional windshield sealant application you can trust

Aquapel glass treatment lasts up to six times longer than other leading water repellent applications and windshield sealants designed as rain repellents. Aquapel glass treatment was developed by PPG Industries and forms a chemical bond with the glass, making it last longer than products that can be purchased from automotive stores, which simply coat glass.

Windshield wiper replacement made easy

Need help changing windshield wipers? Tri City Glass & Door carries universal wiper replacements.

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Customer Testimonials

“We can’t afford to have our trucks out of commission for long. Tri City Glass & Door’s quick response, the quality of their installation, and their high level of service has kept our fleet’s downtime to a minimum.”

Craig M.
Bassett Mechanical, Kaukauna

“I have been working with the team at Tri City Glass & Door for many years. When I call to get a customer’s vehicle in their schedule, I know the right part will be ordered and the technician will be there in the timeframe that I need it to be completed. With the complexity of parts and options these days, I have never had the wrong part ordered by Chad or Cindy and I never have to worry about the technicians installation. They are always very meticulous and professional and the job is completed with our customer’s vehicle looking brand new again. The job from Tri City reflects our work and our customers deserve the best. From the office staff to the technicians, their service is top notch.”

Gustman in Kaukauna

“We have been subletting our glass work to Tri City Glass since 1964. Tri City Glass’s next day service and quality of work is the reason we have been doing business for this long. Goss Auto Body has other vendors they have worked with for this long, but not exclusively.”

Ronnie G.
Goss Auto Body Inc. – President