Shower Doors & Enclosures

Make your bathroom distinct with an elegant, custom shower or bath enclosure

Custom shower doors for today’s diverse bathroom designs

Whether you are building a new home, adding another bathroom or doing a bathroom remodel, Tri City Glass & Door can help you add beauty and value to your home. From a modern frameless shower door to a glass shower enclosure, your shower will be a stunning statement in your home. Visit our showroom to talk with our expert staff to design a shower door or shower enclosure to fit any size or style of shower.

Cut down cleaning time with a glass protectant

Not only will your glass shower doors last longer, but cleaning is a breeze with an added glass protectant. Tri City Glass & Door’s shower doors come with the option of an added glass protectant to keep your glass looking like new. The protectant blocks minerals such as lime and iron from bonding with the glass, making your glass shower doors resistant to staining and easier to clean. Call us today to ask how.

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Customer Testimonials

“We have worked with Tri City Glass & Door for many, many years and our recent new home was by far our biggest project yet. It was a pleasure seeing everyone from all companies working so closely and professionally together assuring our new home construction went smooth and was perfect. We would highly recommend Tri City to others, the service and quality is always great. Tri City does not disappoint and we look forward to working with them again in the future.”

Dar S.
Tri City Glass & Door Customer

“I’ve been in business for eight years and have worked with Tri City Glass & Door for all those years. We are very happy with the way Tri City has been able to take care of us and the level of quality we can expect from them. The nice thing about working with Tri City is they have instant credibility when they use their name because they’ve been around for so long. There is an immediate comfort level which also assists us with building our credibility of our business. They are not afraid to brainstorm and figure out what needs to be done and be creative. I can’t think of a project that we have presented where they weren’t able to figure out. Customer expectations have always been met or exceeded. We look forward to collaborating with Tri City Glass & Door in the future. We know that we can count on them for delivering components of our job that continually, consistently delight our clients.”

Gary F.
Distinctive Renovation, Co-Owner

“We have been using Tri City Glass for years for all of our custom glass needs from shower doors to mirrors or anything glass I’m very happy with the service we receive , it is nice to be able to send a client into their store and be assured that Tri City’s knowledgeable staff will be able to help them out. I highly recommend Tri City glass to all of our customers.”

Chris V.
Van’s Lumber & Custom Builders Inc.